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A C# .NET assembly that provides an abstraction layer for all of Groove 3.1 and Groove 2007 web services. The goal of the abstraction layer is to provide an easy to use API, with an object and eventing model, so that applications that interact with Groove can be built quickly and in a straight forward manner.

The core project was originally created to shield developers from having to write 80-90% of the same code, again and again, when directly consuming the .wsdl files provided in the Groove/Office SDKs. Since then the core project has been updated to add features/functionality to allow the creation of robust enterprise integration applications, given that the same web services that exist for the Groove client also exist for the Groove Data Bridge server. contains the sources for the core project. contains the sources for the core project and command line utilities built on top of it contains the DLLs and EXEs that will result from compiling the sources in project above

Overview of Web Services Helpers Classes for Groove 2007 contains some documentation.

Also please see for some dev articles.

Thanks to Paresh, there is a new solution available. Groove Workspaces persist data in encrypted databases, making it difficult to expose mechanisms to snap into search products like Windows Desktop Search. The need to be able to search content has increasingly grown to the point that we can’t wait for the product to be modified to add this functionality. As a result, Paresh created this to export data from Groove workspaces and produce XHTML files that can be easily searched as well as viewed from within a browser. contains the sources for the relevant projects to create this Windowed app that runs in the systray icon and exports running spaces to disk on a periodic basis.

I added a new utility - GrooveInfoPathForms - that can import and export xml from Groove InfoPath Forms tools.

There is limited documentation for the core project. I encourage people to look at the sources in GrooveWebServicesV12HelpersProjects to get a feel for how to use the core project. Feel free to post comments/questions in the Developer Forum.

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