Notes on Groove's web services

Topics: Developer Forum
Dec 21, 2006 at 6:53 PM
1) Each instance of the Groove client, as well as each instance of the Groove Data Bridge, is a local web services server

2) Groove's web services should be thought of as a means for cross-process communication to occur (i.e. external application and Groove). There is no UDDI or other technologies associated that are typically associated with web services (e.g. ws-*)

3) While Groove does expose web services for external applications to use, developers should think of these external applications as adjuncts to Groove (and its UI). The best types of applications are those that import/export data into/from Groove instead of applications that try to use Groove as (invisible) plumbing.

4) There is no transactional integrity provided via Groove's web services