How to embed "Link to Groove Workspace Item" via GrooveMessages

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May 13, 2009 at 7:07 AM

Have been looking through the web service helpers and online documentation and am having trouble finding something. In the UI, you can create links to individual workspaces, tools, or files. I can extract the information that I need to make a link work, but I cannot find a way to create a groove hyperlink in a Groove message via the GrooveMessage web services. Is there a way? Has that already been loaded into the Helpers project and I just missed it?

For example, I can extract the grooveTelespace://zzzz... information and when I manually paste that into message from the Groove Data Bridge via the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, the receipient gets an clickable link. When I pass that via a Message.Body field, I get just raw text. Is there a formatting trick to get the information presented as a clickable link?