Helpers Identity.CreateSpace operation fails unless you specify i_Type=""


If you don't specify i_Type (the 3rd parameter to the method), but rather call one of the other overloads of that method, they pass
as the i_Type. But,... the Space web service Create operation says, about the i_Type parameter, which it calls the CSTURI:
CSTURI xs:anyURI Specifies the type of workspace to be created. Must have an empty string value (""). All other values are reserved for future use.
So calling any Identity.CreateSpace method other than the 3rd form, or even calling the 3rd form and passing anything but "" as the 3rd argument causes an exception from the web service.
Need to fix the helpers to pass "" in the overloaded forms of the method.
Closed Apr 21, 2007 at 12:55 AM by BobNovas
Fixed in Release 3