member.Enter/ExitSpace(), .Enter/ExitTool()


The target uri really needs to be the space relative member's uri instead of the member's uri.
And the semanics are wrong (you're calling these methods on some member, but the action applies to you, and only if you're entering/exiting the space/tool). Arguably, these methods are misplaced in the Member class. Enter/ExitSpace perhaps belongs to the Space class, and Enter/ExitTool to the Tool class. You can address this by only invoking the methods at the right time and ignoring the fact that the semantics are questionable.
However, to address the first issue, which throws an exception, the code needs to look more like this (for all 4 methods)...
/// <summary>
/// Signal to other workspace members that the current user has entered the workspace.
/// </summary>
public void EnterSpace()
string targetURI = this.Space.MembersURI;
//  Get initialized reference to web service
GrooveMembersWebService.GrooveMembers MembersWebService = this.GetInitializedMembersWebService(targetURI);
System.DateTime BeginDateTime = System.DateTime.Now;
//  Ask service to enter space
if (GrooveWebServicesV12Helpers.Context.TraceEnabled)
    System.TimeSpan TimeSpan = System.DateTime.Now.Subtract(BeginDateTime);
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("MembersWebService::EnterSpace, " + TimeSpan.TotalMilliseconds + " ms");
Closed Apr 21, 2007 at 12:55 AM by BobNovas
Fixed in Release 3